Hi there, it’s Andrew from JustTravelUSA. If you are looking for travel information and insider tips on how to travel around the USA, then you are in the right place.

About me

In 2015, I tasted American cuisine for the first time, when I visited for a two-week vacation. Before that, I had literally only seen the country in pictures. Since then, I have traveled to the US many times and visited spots all over the country. Chicago is currently my favorite city; however, I’ve traveled to many other amazing places around the USA.

I came to the USA from the Czech Republic and literally discovered a new world of national parks, miles of highways, small motels, and fascinating stories from locals.

In the USA, I lived the longest in New York City and Chicago, but have visited dozens of other locations. Like any other immigrant, I cannot call myself a local anywhere, but I am ready to share my great experience of traveling around the USA by car, bus, plane, and train. Mostly I travel solo, but I’ve made several group trips as well. As a result, I understand the needs of both solo travelers and travelers with families/friends.

I created this USA travel blog to share my experience with others. Here, you will find reviews of national parks, transportation tips, accommodation options, reviews of the most significant tourist sites, and much more.

I always get to know the locals while traveling, which is how I discovered so many new things and collected insider tips. I want your trips around the USA to be easy, unforgettable, and full of great experiences. With that said, I do not want to turn my site into another USA travel guide. However, other travelers share their stories on my blog, so you will find much more than simple guides.As it’s impossible to know everything, I invite local experts and other travelers to share their experiences on the pages of my blog. My personal travel experiences and the experiences of other authors will allow you to learn about specific destinations firsthand and receive tons of insider tips. Perhaps you would like to share your own story? I’m open, just send me a message at: andy@justtravelusa.com.